The RoboBricks enrichment program teaches software engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and math (STEM). During each lesson, students build a robot that performs various tasks. Once they finish building the robots, the students are given the opportunity to develop and create computer algorithms and learn how to implement them on the WeDo coding system. Most computer programs and software are in English. We teach our students to use the correct English terms, aiding them in the development of their technical language for the field.

 In the last semester, students design a machine and a code, and present their project to potential investors (a panel of judges, usually parents). This program introduces the participants to many important professional skills that they will later be able to employ in their future careers.

RoboBricks Curriculum

The Young Engineers approach utilizes the Spiral Method, allowing new concepts to be taught while relying on the previous programs subjects. We always encourage newcomers and repeat previous lessons to ensure all our students are up to speed. RoboBricks introduces participants to the world of robotics through understanding the basics of mechanical engineering, and the basics of coding including algorithm planning, formulation of pseudo code, flow charts, WeDo Programming, input and output implementations, loops, multi-threads, keyboard operations, sensor applications, calculation commands.

RoboBricks is designed to introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship. Students will experience conducting market research, creating a product page, and using Google Tools, Microsoft PowerPoint, rhetorical methods and more.


RoboBricks Objectives

  • Introduce algorithmic thinking
  • Learn English software engineering terminology
  • Encourage procedural thinking
  • Time management through submitting final project by a given deadline
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Working in teams efficiently
  • Familiarization with computer orientation
  • Gaining information system and media literacy
  • Progressing critical and creative thinking

RoboBricks Model

  • Gadgets and games
  • Modern Robots to execute variety of tasks